Welcome, my friend !

Thanks for coming by and checking out my personal website! I am Ruichen Zhang, a tech enthusiast and aspiring software engineer. Let's scroll down to see what I'm capable of!

Who I Am

My name is Ruichen. I was born in Nanjing, China and now live in Philadelphia, PA. I love music, postmodern literature, traveling, cooking, home bartending, and I am a cocktail blogger with 1000+ followers in China!

Motivated for a tech career, I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science (MCIT) at the University of Pennsylvania. My career goal is to become a full-stack software engineer after I graduate in May, 2023.


What I Do

As a career changer from chemistry to computer science, I feel proud that I am able to expand my vision beyond my undergraduate major to embrace new opportunities in the tech field. I really like the idea of working with smart people and taking up technical challenges on a daily basis. More importantly, I believe that by becoming a software engineer, I can creatively pursue things I have a passion for, and make more impact as an open source contributor.


My Projects

Below are the highlights of my most recent SWE projects, which cover different use scenes and tech stacks. You can click into the thumbnail pictures for more details, including the link on GitHub.